Re: #week 1 What is challenging in mentoring teachers to research their classrooms? How can these difficulties be overcome? Your replies, please! #week1

Ravinarayan Chakrakodi

This is my challenge as well. I have so far discussed teacher research with nearly 400 teachers who have completed a one-month in-service training at the Institute. Teacher research is an integral part of the teacher training curriculum. All these teachers have carried out Exploratory Research during the one month training. They have identified classroom issues, collected data, analysed relevant documents and prepared an action plan for Action Research.  However, not all of them are doing Action Research in their classrooms. Very few are able to sustain their interest in classroom research after the training! It's a real challenge to motivate them to move on to the Action Research phase. How to keep them engaged in classroom research, how to mentor a large number of teacher researchers is my concern. 

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