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sticky Welcome again and email delivery options By Ryan Keiffer ·
Tropical Kingbird By jackson_us ·
South Coast sightings By jackson_us ·
A report from the south coast - pygmy nuthatches galore. By jackson_us ·
Five Pectoral Sandpipers continue.... By Lisa D. Walker, (Feather Forestwalker) ·
Warblers @ Navarro River mouth By Philip Georgakakos ·
Greater White-fronted Geese 2 messages By Tim Bray ·
Golden-crowned Sparrow arrival By Tim Bray ·
21 Sept 2022. Summer Tanager in my yard, west side of Ukiah By Dave Bengston ·
Phainopepla at UWWTP By geogibbs ·
Am Redstart Minor Hole Road By Roger Adamson ·
Wandering Tattler, Pectoral Sandpiper, Tennessee Warbler By Lisa D. Walker, (Feather Forestwalker) ·
CANCELED Sunday afternoon pelagic Sept 18 3 messages By Tim Bray ·
16 Sept 2022 Long-billed Curlews (2) at Ukiah Waste Water Treatment Plant (UWWTP) By Dave Bengston ·
White-winged dove at UWWTP continues By geogibbs ·
White-winged Dove at Ukiah WWTP By oakmanorff@... ·
Sunday afternoon pelagic Sept 18 By Tim Bray ·
Gualala Red-naped Sapsucker, edit By Richard Trissel ·
Gualala Red-naped Sapsucker By Richard Trissel ·
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