Wilson's Warbler nest in our yard

Roger Adamson

While clearing an area at the back of our garden I nearly stepped on a
Wilson's Warbler nest. The adult was rather put out and chipped at me for
quite a while until I figured out what was going on. I had never seen a
Wilson's Warbler nest so took time to get the camera and photograph it.
The nest is in a tangle of ivy, blackberries, and geranium, about a foot
off the ground in shade near a fir and some kind of pine. After taking the
photos, I replaced some of the geranium branches to give the bird some
cover and shade. She returned and continued incubating the eggs. It's a
really cute nest and she has 4 eggs in it. Photos on the eBird list:
I guess cleaning out the yard will have to wait!
Roger Adamson
Fort Bragg