Weird sparrow returns

Roger Adamson

I had a strange sparrow last winter. It was a hatch-year bird that was
intermediate in appearance between White-throated Sparrow and
White-crowned Sparrow. Assuming there are not very many of these, the same
bird has returned to my yard in company with a flock of Golden-crowned
Sparrows. Like WTSP, it has yellowish lores (although very slight), scaly
breast and sides (again, very slight), and narrow black crown stripes down
the forehead, and the auricular area and below the eye is smudgy dark. But
not like WTSP, and more like WCSP, it has a pinkish-yellowish bill. And
not like either, the post-ocular stripe is broken and not attached to the
nape. The dark patches on the nape, which should be continuous with the
crown stripe in WTSP (or continuous with the post-ocular stripe in WCSP)
are brown, not black. Bird is very odd.
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Roger Adamson
Fort Bragg