Pacific Golden-plover continues / Virgin Creek Beach

Lisa D. Walker, (Feather Forestwalker)

The Pacific Golden-plover has been at Virgin Creek Beach for four days
now. Roger Adamson said there was another one on a Ward Ave area beach.

eBird no longer shows the Pacific Golden-plover as a rare species.

We only see them infrequently here, so I am not sure why they aren't
considered rare - same thing with Pectoral Sandpipers. They are rare in
other coastal areas of California, but not here. What's up with that? If
they are basing it on reports, they should realize that not everyone posts
to eBird. Heck, I don't post to eBird *every* time I go out, either. So I
am wondering why birds that used to be considered rare for here are no
longer? (I know too that often rare birds are on a seasonal grid, so to
speak, for certain areas - sometimes they are rare here and sometimes they
aren't - mainly due to season)... so I am very curious since Pacific
Golden-plovers are Arctic breeders, wintering in Asia - so they do show up
along our coast in **migration** -- which is what is happening now - so is
that the difference here? Still, they are few and far between - not nearly
as numerous as some of their other plover relatives (Black-bellied and
Killdeer - even Semipalmated and Snowy are a lot more numerous)

All input appreciated,

Lisa D Walker-Roseman, Fort Bragg-Cleone, CA