Osprey at Ten Mile: early brood?

John Gallo

Thanks Jeanne for the Anchor Bay Osprey Update


Do you think it is possible that the Osprey up here at Ten Mile had an early brood that has already fledged?  

maybe that hot and dry spell we had for the month of February triggered a pair?  I saw and heard what seemed like a newly fledged juvenile flying in the area last Tuesday morning.  It was doing quick, short wingbeats, whistling shrilly and repeatedly, looked to have one of its central tail feathers only about 7/8 length, flew to high altitude for no apparent reason, when way up there it finally stopped flapping and did a real small and awkward swoop down and up.  After 3-5 tries at that in the next few minutes it was swooping 3 times as far and much more gracefully... Sems like signs of a juvenile but just seems way early based on my memory.

Any thoughts are welcome.



On Sun, May 24, 2020 at 1:55 PM jackson_us <jackson2@...> wrote:
I just checked the Osprey nest we watch through a spotting scope. Both adults were there and the female was feeding two little chicks! It’s the first time I’ve been able to see the chicks. The nest is deeper this year. It was a joy to see them.
And a report on the Bald Eagles at the Gualala River. The female hasn’t been seen for several weeks. The male was seen a few days ago catching a lamprey and then flying up river. Maybe, just maybe, there is a nest in the Gualala River watershed.
Jeanne Jackson
Anchor Bay