Orchard Oriole fly-by

Tim Bray

17 May 2020 - This afternoon while watching activity at the bird feeder, we had a striking female Orchard Oriole appear. She inspected the (sunflower-seed) feeder, found no fruit, and flew away.

We saw the bird through a window. It first appeared facing toward us, showing a bright yellow chest and belly (and under tail); when it turned its head, we could see the oriole-shaped bill and head. We did not see any dark markings on its throat or face. When it turned sideways and then flew off, we could see its back was greenish and there were two narrow white wing-bars.

We ruled out Bullock's by the lack of eye-line and the yellow belly. We had recently seen a female Hooded Oriole and this bird differed in being more brightly colored overall, and more greenish on the back (the Hooded was drabber and grayish), and the two narrow wing-bars; it also seemed shorter-tailed.

Unfortunately it did not stay around for photos, or even close inspection with optics. Should have had oranges out!