Noyo pelagic May 7

Tim Bray

We have scheduled an all-day offshore seabirding trip for Sunday May 7 out of Noyo Harbor, on the Kraken. Cost is somewhat dependent on the number of people going but should be about $175 per person. Act quickly if you want to go with us; these trips usually sell out in advance and this one is already more than halfway there. To reserve a spot, contact Chuck Vaughn, cevaughn@...

May is an exciting time to go offshore as many birds are moving through the region. Fewer pelagic trips have been run in Spring, so less is known about the species present, but Albatrosses are abundant and Pterodroma petrels are possible. We can also expect Jaegers, Terns, Phalaropes (in breeding plumage), Auklets, Sabine's Gull, and likely a few Shearwaters as well. Grand prize would be Short-tailed Albatross, which has been seen on May trips in past years.

This trip will depart at 7 AM and return to the dock around 5 PM. Conditions permitting we may go 30 miles offshore.