more on the Greater Sandplover

Mike Feighner <pacloon@...>

Mendocino County Birders:

Regarding the fine points already provided by Richard Irvin on the
Greater Sandplover, I would like to point out Joe Morlan's site at containing a vivid
write-up, photos, links to other sites, and articles covering the
Greater Sandplover, and a 10-second video provided by Leslie Lieurance
of San Francisco.

I invite all to check out,
listserve covering areas to the south and east of Mendocino County.
There are several posts there covering the Greater Sandplover at
Seadrift Estates in Stinson Beach since the bird was first discovered on
29 January 2001. I have just taken a look at the site and have
determined that unlike Mendobirds the archives are not public. So,
viewing the archives will unfortunately cost a subscription.

If this post comes through twice, my apologies. My ISP, PacBell, has
been having some problems the past couple of days.

Mike Feighner, Livermore, CA, Alameda County