Greater White-fronted Geese, Bald Eagles and two uncommon birds at the Gualala River




Hi All,


   The past couple of days Greater White-fronted Geese have been bathing in the Gualala River. And yesterday the female Bald Eagle was seen with her mate at the river, the first sighting of her in quite a while. Looks like they are pairing up again!


   And two uncommon birds were recently seen at the Mill Bend area of the Gualala River. Having access to this area is proving beneficial for wonderful sightings of birds. Heading south through Gualala, just before the bridge, there is a dirt road on the right. Often there will be a flag saying “open” from our local kayak company. This is now public access courtesy of the Redwood Coast Land Conservancy during the daylight hours. Mike Reinhart photographed a Lincoln’s Sparrow there.



And Rozanne Rapozo photographed a White-throated Sparrow.


A bird sitting on the ground

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Jeanne Jackson, Anchor Bay