Greater Sandplover (Charadrius leschenaultii)


Greater Sandplover is not mentioned in NGS 2nd ed or 3rd ed for that
matter. It is my understanding that this may be the first North
American record for this Eurasian species. The scientic (latin) name
is Charadrius leschenaultii, reference SHOREBIRDS, AN IDENTIFICATION
GUIDE, P. Hayman, J. Marchant, T. Prater, Houghton Mifflin publisher,

Feather Forestwalker <feather@...>

I have this in my Collins Pocket Guide to Birds of Britain and Europe, as
well as the Petersen's Guide to Birds of Britain and Europe.

I looked in my Sibley's Guide to Birds as well as all three editions of my
NGS, Audubon's, Petersen's, and cannot find it listed as even an accidental
or rare winter vagrant.

It would definitely be a record, though I do remember reading something
recently about this bird being easily confused with another species that IS
more commonly found here, though is a Eurasian species. I cannot remember
which species that was; am thinking Mongolian Plover, but might be wrong.

Good luck and happy birding to you all! Sounds like everyone's been having a
wonderful time out there!

Saw an OSPREY at Pudding Creek the other day; it was on a wire, preening in
the rain. . .