Crossbills on the radio

Tim Bray

Shameless plug: Tuesday August 11 (tomorrow) at 7 PM on KZYX, Bob Spies and I will interview Dr. Jamie Cornelius, Assistant Professor in the Department of Integrative Biology at Oregon State University. Dr. Cornelius has spent the last decade trekking through northern coniferous forests around the globe in pursuit of Crossbills, nomadic finches that cope with high degrees of weather variability and resource uncertainty. There is a small population of Red Crossbills in Mendocino County, so this program will be of special interest to birders here.

KZYX broadcasts live at 90.7 FM (most of the coast and Anderson Valley), 91.5 FM (inland), and 88.1 FM (in Fort Bragg). There is also a live Webstream from The program will be archived and available via soon after 8 PM.