Continuing Rarities

George Chaniot

Sat, 17 Feb 2001 -- As of today two male TUFTED DUCKS continue to be seen
in the north end of Lake Mendocino. In Potter Valley seven MOUNTAIN
BLUEBIRDS can still be found at the end of the county road on Pine Avenue,
but they are harder to find in the rain.
Further afield in Marin Co. the superrare KING EIDER at the
Fishdocks and the megarare GREATER SANDPLOVER at Stinson Beach were both
reported yesterday. -- George Chaniot

[ Several people have expressed concern about my attack of
mallard-blindness on the 10th. I'm recovering at home, thank you; I saw one
out the window this morning. I think it was a side effect of scaup-eye, an
ailment caused by looking at too many scaups through the telescope, itself
a side effect of TUDU-on-the-brain OCD ;-)]