be on lookout - Black-billed Magpie

Robert Keiffer

8/19/2020- Be on the lookout for a Black-billed Magpie, especially along the Mendocino Coast, as one was observed  south of Petrolia, HUM last Sunday.  In 2019 there was an assumed a single bird (first MEN County record) that was observed in Westport 4/17, Irish Beach 4/21, Gualala 4/23 .... so it seemed to be a single bird moving southward along our coast.  Near the same time there was one of two birds also in HUM County.   Anyway, coastal birders be on the lookout and report ASAP if one is seen.  Fall migration for most birds is getting into full swing, shorebirds have been migrating since late July, so it is a good time for some social distancing birding.   Good birding.   Bob Keiffer, Hopland MEN   rjkeiffer@...