Accipiter fest!

Tim Bray

5 October 2020 - Middle Ridge, Albion 

This morning we had an amazing spectacle in our garden.  Hearing an unfamiliar vocalization, I looked out to see several Steller's Jays mobbing something, which turned out to be a juvenile Sharp-shinned Hawk. To my surprise, a second one also appeared, flying out of the hedge and circling the yard, swooping right over the first one. The two of them and the Jays proceeded to chase each other around the yard, and at one point I am certain there was actually a third Sharpie present. This went on for several minutes before the hawks moved on. When I went out to look for them again, there were two Cooper's Hawks out in the brushy meadow as well. All the hawks were immature (hatch-year) birds.

Fun times!