South Coast birds



Anchor Bay


This sighting is from two weeks ago. It took a lot of experts to weigh in, including Diane Hichwa and Rich Trissel, and Jim Weigand. It was seen two weeks ago at the Gualala River – a Nashville Warbler. Photo below for you to see.


A mature Bald Eagle has been seen this past week, also at the Gualala River. We hadn’t seen one for a while so it’s nice to see one back.


Most Ospreys have gone, but I had a sighting from Point Arena yesterday that four Ospreys were seen – seems like a lot of Ospreys but she is a good spotter.


My Merlin app (I know it’s not perfect!) picked up Hermit Thrushes (two calling back and forth), Brown Creeper, and Bewick’s Wren early this morning at my place in Anchor Bay. And I do still hear Pygmy Nuthatches but they have left the nesting box. Seven and sometimes eight of them roosted in there overnight for two and a half months.


Jeanne Jackson


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