Kittiwake Day

Tim Bray

23 January 2022 - It was a Black-legged Kittiwake show on the whale-watching cruise today. We didn't even try to get an accurate count, but it was a lot, certainly more than 50 and maybe 100. They were the most abundant Gull we saw. Interesting to see a fairly wide variation in the amount of black in the wings, width of the black collar, and some birds that appeared to be intermediate between juvenile and adult plumage.

There were also lots of Rhinoceros Auklets, sometimes in rafts of 10-15 birds, and most of them already have facial plumes; Feather got a photo of one with a horn.

Only a couple of Fulmars; apparently the large numbers have moved back out to sea. The weather turned calm, no wind and plentiful sunshine for the last couple of days. The ocean was nearly flat so it was extremely pleasant.

Oh, and the whale-watching was pretty good too, we had a few pods of Grays and one got fairly close to the boat.