Whale watching trip

Tim Bray

Just in case anyone else is interested, a few of us are going out on a whale-watching charter Sunday morning, in hopes of seeing some birds as well.  It's only a two-hour cruise, $50 pp, boat departs at 10. If you want to join us, call All Aboard Adventures 964-1881 and tell Captain Tim that I sent ya. 

We might be able to do this again, as long as we can get six or more people signed up we can do a charter; for more money we could go farther and stay out longer. Let me know if you can do a mid-week trip on short notice whenever the ocean forecast looks promising.

There has been a lot of bird activity a mile or two out, some feeding frenzies and a lot of Murres and other birds flying around. Feather got some photos from Laguna Point showing flocks of Rhinoceros Auklets, Common Murres (and possible Thick-billed), Black-legged Kittiwake and possibly even Sabine's Gull. So even just getting out where the whales are could put us into some good birds.