Manchester Mystery Teal or Possible Garganey?

Ryan Keiffer

January 3 2022-
Yesterday morning while walking Manchester beach just south of Davis Lake area, Kyle Farmer and I were looking through bunches of Surf Scoters looking for other scoters and our attention quickly went to a small teal sized duck that was following a Surf Scoter around not too far offshore. The light wasn’t very good at the time but we managed some bad digiscope pictures. The size comparison with the Surf Scoter, facial patterns, and bill shape upon further review of the picture have us looking for answers, thinking it might be a Garganey. I thought it was odd for a supposed teal sp. to be riding the surf. If anyone wants to look for the bird, we suggest parking at the end of Kinney Road and walking north on the beach towards Davis Lake, but look at every group of scoters you see! 
Ryan Keiffer
Ukiah, CA MEN