Tropical Kingbird and Ferruginous Hawks

Tim Bray

15 October 2021 - A Tropical Kingbird was hawking insects from bushes just across Lighthouse Road behind the Rollerville Cafe just before noon today. After lunch we re-found the bird in the tops of the fir trees between the cabins and the highway, along with several Cedar Waxwings.

There were several Ferruginous Hawks at various places: one over the fields just south of Mill Creek, two at the Ross Ranch fields, one at the Garcia River flats, and at least one off Lighthouse Road. I think we saw another along the road somewhere we couldn't stop. It was FEHArrific!

Two Cackling Geese were somewhat of a surprise in the Navarro River, just east of the island. There were three American Widgeon in the vicinity. We saw no waterfowl at all in the various ponds between Elk and Manchester.