Yellow-rumped and Townsend's Warblers, Irish Beach

Tim Bray

5 September 2021 - Near the pond at Irish Beach ("Pomo Lake") we found two Yellow-rumped Warblers, our first for the season, foraging in coyote brush. Both were Audubon's with bright yellow throats, one a male still retaining the bluish color and the other a female. In the alder trees downstream from the dam there was a female-type Townsend's Warbler, also my first of fall, and at least one Yellow Warbler.

Also nearby were two Willow Flycatchers, one at the pond and one in the gully downstream from the dam. Those seem to be everywhere right now.

About 20 Barn Swallows were flying around and resting on a nearby house, until a Sharp-shinned Hawk flew overhead and sent them all into the air while making alarm calls.