FOS Fox Sparrow - Ten Mile

Lisa D. Walker, (Feather Forestwalker)

This morning along the Ten Mile River my friend Kevin Giusti and I saw:

hundreds of Brown Pelicans
at least ten Great Egrets
five Great Blue Herons
Seven or more Common Mergansers
two Hooded Merganser immature male and female
dozens of Red-necked Phalaropes
a smallish flock of what appeared to be mixed Greenwinged Teal and
Northern Pintail Ducks
A Peregrine Falcon harassing the phalaropes and later, the Common
Northern Harrier, immature
Red-shouldered Hawk
Turkey Vultures
Common Ravens
Western and Least Sandpipers
Song Sparrows
two First of Season (FOS) Fox Sparrows
an Empid flycatcher that I have yet to identify (it did not have a huge
tear-drop-shaped eye ring like a Pacific-slope, was grayer overall and had
dark wings with two wide and very prominent wing-bars that were slightly
buffy in appearance) - have sent photos to Tim Bray for a hopeful ID
heard several Virginia Rails, too
Canada Geese
Anna's Hummingbirds

The swallows and martins appear to have left for the season

Happy Birding!

Lisa D Walker-Roseman

PS. There may have been other birds....

Lisa D. Walker, (Feather Forestwalker)

The Empid flycatcher was a WILLOW FLYCATCHER :)