Warblers at Ledford House

Tim Bray

4 September 2021 - This morning in spite of the dense fog we found some birds around the small pond at the Ledford House. Two Common Yellowthroats, one Wilson's Warbler, and one "difficult Fall warbler" that I could not identify. It appeared olive-backed (but the fog and gray light may have affected that) and yellow underneath, with a very prominent eye-ring. There was a hint of streaks on its chest. I couldn't see the undertail pattern. Kind of like an Orange-crowned with a big eye-ring and no eye-line... which doesn't really match up with anything in my books. It didn't give me very good looks as it foraged in some willows, into which it quickly disappeared.

Also present were two (2) Willow Flycatchers, about 20 American Goldfinches and at least one Lesser Goldfinch, and one bright and crisp Savannah Sparrow. For a small pond it was a happening place.