Blue-winged Teal, Fort Bragg

Tim Bray

11 March 2021 - There is a small pond on the former GP mill site just west of the end of Alder Street, behind Mendo Mill, that for some reason seems to attract waterfowl. We checked it briefly after lunch today and found one Coot, and male-female pairs of the following: Bufflehead, Shoveler, Gadwall, and Blue-winged Teal. The latter are, I think, the first of that species I have seen here on the coast.  This pond is somewhat difficult to view as it is behind a locked gate and high cyclone fence, so only part of the pond is visible; it pays to wait and watch, if the ducks are moving around they will eventually appear in the visible areas. Also if you have a vehicle that you can stand up in, that helps!