Re: California Gull Movements

AlbionWood <albionwood@...>

Saturday October 30 - We also observed large numbers of gulls moving SE in the Albion area in the afternoon. Small groups went over us, about a mile inland on Middle Ridge, and joined others farther east to form a large wheeling flock (I guessed around 200) over Salmon Creek, then moved off to the SE over Navarro Ridge. By that time they must have been several miles from the beach.

Tim Bray

Gulls Streaming South Along the Coast

K A Havlena

Sat, 30 Oct 2010 -- Gulls flew south all day long in singles and small groups.
We had to leave before I could post about this earlier (as Richard did, too).
I just kept watching them fly and couldn't stop.  Not only did they fly along

shoreline, but they flew east along the the wooded hillsides, anywhere from
very high to literally two feet above the road.  The highest flyers were above
Wages Creek and Westport.

I drove to the north coast, to see if there were any (other) good birds about. 
Along Hwy 1, the extremely low-flying gulls were young WESTERNS.  I did see
a few GLAUCOUS-WINGED GULLS and HEERMANN'S, but the vast majority

Not much was happening with other birds.  Several PINE SISKINS were at
Wages Creek.  A PEREGRINE FALCON and a MERLIN flew south near
Branscomb Rd and Hwy 1.  A SAY'S PHOEBE was in my neighborhood.

Karen Havlena
North of Fort Bragg, MEN, California

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California Gull Movements

Richard Hubacek

Sat Oct 30, 2010--There must have been some breakdown in the air currents today. I've been birding the Little River Airport for over three years and have lived at the Woods for five years and have never seen a gull at either location. Today, I first saw a single CALIFORNIA GULL fly over the airport and then another. Towards the end of my birding I saw 30 to 40 fly over the east end of the runway. While walking the dog at the Woods a few more came over. And later another large flock flew over. All were heading in a south south/east direction. Three DOUBLE-CRESTED CORMORANTS, rare at the airport also were moving in the same direction.

Richard Hubacek
Little River

species status update

Robert J. Keiffer <rjkeiffer@...>

30 October - There have been some recent updates to the status of three
Mendocino County bird species:

1) The California Bird Records Committee reviewed an old record of
Emperor Goose from 3-6 December 1996 at Lake Cleone. This bird was seen
arriving at Lake Cleone by Peter Broudrick, a park ranger, and was seen
shortly after that by others. Photos were taken by me. Somehow, earlier
submittal of this to the CBRC was confused with another sighting, so it was
just recently (CBRC 2010-010) reviewed and ACCEPTED. This is now the
county's official "first record" of that species. although there are 2 to 3
other records since that date.

2) Our local Mendocino County Bird Review Committee recently reviewed
an old observation record of a supposed Great Gray Owl near Mendocino Pass
east of Covelo. The sighting was by C. Furrer and his wife, near their
home. Mr. Furrer was a wildlife technician for the Mendocino National
Forest and conducted many of the early (late 1970's early 1980's) Barred Owl
and Spotted Owl surveys for the Covelo District of the Mendocino National
Forest. The sighting was in April, which would be an unprecedented time of
the year for GGOW in California (other than the Yosemite population). The
review committee voted to NOT ACCEPT this record with a 3:3 vote (needs 5:1
or 6:0 to be Accepted), so this species will be dropped from the official
Mendocino County bird list.

3) Our local Mendocino County Bird Review Committee recently reviewed a
3 October 2010 Black-throated Green Warbler "heard-only" observation near
Caspar. This was reviewed as a potential "second' record for the county,
but was NOT ACCEPTED with a 0:6 vote. Concerns included no visual, no
recording, and similarity to Brown Creeper calls.

4) Our local Mendocino County Bird Review Committee is currently
reviewing an old 1975 Chimney Swift record. The review is pending.

I wish to thank all those who have submitted rare species documentation in
the past, and the MCBRC voting members, and to C.Vaughn for his Avisys
database entry work (over 6000 entries) , for helping to establish a very
credible set of bird records for Mendocino County. Good birding. Bob

10/30 UWTP Yellow-bellied Sapsucker

Chuck & Barbara Vaughn

Greetings Mendobirders- This morning I watched a juvenile male
YELLOW-BELLIED SAPSUCKER feeding in the ornamental trees around the office
area at the Ukiah Wastewater Treatment Plant. The bird was very active,
moving from tree to tree, and I eventually lost it on the west side of the
new office building. I thought that this storm may have blown in some new
birds, but except for more of the same ducks, there wasn't anything new at


Chuck and Barbara Vaughn
Ukiah, CA

Date Correction - Clay-colored Sp - s/b 29 October

Karen Havlena <jkhavlena@...>

Fri, 29 Oct 2010 -- This should be the correct date for my Clay-colored Sparrow
on Bald Hill Rd, north of Fort Bragg today.   --- Karen Havlena

Rock Wren

Robert J. Keiffer <rjkeiffer@...>

28 October 2010 , Thursday - I had an out-of-place ROCK WREN on our property
1 mile west of Hopland. In accordance with the species' name, it was
pleasantly perched and "bobbing" atop a 4-foot tall rock fairly near Feliz
Creek. Good birding. Bob Keiffer

Clay-colored Sparrow - Bald Hill Rd, Fort Bragg

Karen Havlena <jkhavlena@...>

Fri, 20 Oct 2010 -- I saw another CLAY-COLORED SPARROW, this time on
Bald Hill Rd, off Pudding Creek Rd, north of Fort Bragg.  The bird was just 
north of what I believe is the headwaters of Virgin Creek. If driving from
Creek Rd on Bald Hill Rd, there have been some small alders cut down, then 
one crosses the creek (very smal at this point), and comes out into the open
pasture area. The sparrow was alone, not with the small flocks of crowned

or American Goldfinches.

Karen Havlena
North of Fort Bragg, MEN, California 

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updated CBRC data base

Robert J. Keiffer <rjkeiffer@...>

28 October 2010 - I just noticed that the California Bird Records Committee
has updated their data base as of October 11th. You can search for CBRC
"Review' species status by going to this site and filling out the search
request boxes. If you click MENDOCINO in the county box it will list ALL
of the records that have been reviewed or are pending review from Mendocino
County. Good birding. Bob Keiffer

Lapland Longspur at Mendocino Headlands

Chuck & Barbara Vaughn

Greetings Mendobirders- Jerry White just phoned to report a single
LAPLAND LONGSPUR at the Mendocino Headlands shortly after noon. Jerry
said it was raining and cold, and he did not know if the bird would stay
or not.

Jerry White (Chuck Vaughn)

Chuck and Barbara Vaughn
Ukiah, CA

Saturday October 23rd Mendocino Coast

jerry white

Two other birds of interest on Saturday were a Canvasback at 10 Mile River and a Bonaparte's Gull at Lake Cleone. Jerry White

Horned Lark at Mendocino Headlands

Richard Hubacek

Sat Oct 23, 2010--Jerry White called to report a HORNED LARK near the monument at the Mendocino Headlands (that would be the south-west section). The time was around 2:00 PM today. He said he saw it several times.

Richard Hubacek for Jerry White

Ponds on River Rd South of Talmage

Dave <algott@...>

This morning at 9 am, there were 7 Hooded Mergansers at Beckstoffer's Pond and a Merlin sitting across the street in a conifer. There was also one Ring-necked Duck.

In the Gielow Ln pond there were 40 Ring-necked Ducks at 8:45.

Hoopa TUVU correction

Robert J. Keiffer <rjkeiffer@...>

21 October 2010 - CORRECTION - the yellow-tagged TUVU's up north are part of
the Yurok tribe's study (not Hoopa tribe) near Orick. Bob Keiffer

tagged Turkey Vultures

Robert J. Keiffer <rjkeiffer@...>

15-16 October 2010 - Last weekend two tagged TURKEY VULTURES were reported
to me. Helen Menasian reported TUVU # 68 from Redwood Valley near the RVOEP
(10/15) and Monte LaDelle reported (10/16) that TUVU #79 has been hanging
around their home just east of "Old Hopland" along Hwy 175. It has also
been reported to me that another is in the Robinson Creek drainage but the
number is unknown at this time. These are all TUVU's with large round white
patagial (on the wing) tags with large black numbers on them. The numbers
are fairly easy to read with binoculars either in flight or perched.

These are all birds that were tagged at the UC-Hopland Research & Extension
Center in the late summer of 2008 as part of a state-wide study on heavy
metals in avian scavengers (TUVUs, ravens, and golden eagles).

Keep in mind that recent TUVU patagial tagging has taken place on the Hoopa
Tribe lands in the Humboldt/Del Norte region .but these tags are yellow in

Please notify me of any tagged TUVUs observed and I will forward the
sighting to the appropriate researchers. Good birding! Bob Keiffer

Virgin Creek Beach 10/20/10

Karen Havlena <jkhavlena@...>

Wed, 20 Oct 2010 -- Mid-afternoon, I did an SOS survey of Virgin Creek
beach.  MEW GULLS were first of season birds for me today.  A handsome,
male HARLEQUIN DUCK was on the long, low rock at the north end of the
main beach.  A MERLIN zoomed about.  Probably the same PACIFIC
GOLDEN-PLOVER seen by Charlene and Becky was still around.  Other
shorebirds included DUNLIN, WILLET, Long & Short-billed DOWITCHERS, 
out along the beach.  A LINCOLN'S SPARROW and a WHITE-TAILED KITE
were on the bluffs.

Karen Havlena
Fort Bragg, MEN, California

PS: Congratulations to George for hearing the GREATER ROADRUNNER in
Potter Valley - persistence paid off for him!

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Roadrunner in Potter Valley

George Chaniot

Tue, 19 Oct 2010 -- This morning I heard a GREATER ROADRUNNER calling on
Burris Lane in Potter Valley. The sound was coming from the vineyard to the
north of the knoll at the end of the lane. On September 26 I also thought
that I heard one at the same location, but I wanted to hear it again to be
certain. I have been back six times since that date, spent some time
listening, and played a recording, but today is the first time I have heard
it again. The first time was at 08:15, and today it was at 11:00 - single
calls in both cases. I have yet to see the bird.

George Chaniot
Potter Valley, CA

Western Tanager

Dave <algott@...>

Yesterday I saw a Western Tanager eating figs out of my fig tree. This is the 3rd time I have seen one in the fig tree in about the last 2 weeks. I think it may be the same bird hanging around. It is kind of shy and elusive.

Other things of note: I had 55 Pine Siskins (record for my yard) at my feeders yesterday and a flock of about 20 Wild Turkeys that has been here for about three days.

Clay-colored Sparrow

jerry white

Yesterday morning there was a CLAY-COLORED SPARROW near the west end of the road to Navarro Beach. At Mendocino Bay there was an adult nonbreeding plumaged Pigeon Guillemot. Jerry White

Black-legged Kittiwakes off of MacKerricher State Park

Richard Hubacek

Mon Oct 18, 2010--"Toby" Tobkin called to report that she scoped 11 BLACK-LEGGED KITTIWAKES heading south today. She was at the Laguna Point parking lot at MacKerricher State Park.

Richard Hubacek for Toby

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