Tennessee Warbler - Yardbird in Fort Bragg

K A Havlena

13 Sept 2011 -- Toby Tobkin called this morning that a TENNESSEE WARBLER
visited her backyard with a YELLOW and an ORANGE-CROWNED WARBLER.
The Tennessee was yardbird #120 for her.  Her number is 707-964-6216, if you
would like to call.  It should be in the neighborhood today (fog & heavy overcast).

FYI (late news): Last Saturday, she and others saw 2 AMERICAN AVOCETS at
Pudding Creek lagoon.  They rested for more than two hours before continuing
their migration.

For Dorothy Tobkin

(K Havlena) Fort Bragg, MEN, California

Anchor Bay Willow Flycatcher

Richard Trissel

11 Sep 2011
Anchor Bay

A WILLOW FLYCATCHER was actively feeding at 6p on 11 September on private property west of Highway 1 in Anchor Bay.

Good Birding,

Rich Trissel

Miner Hole Rd. White-faced Ibis

Richard Trissel

11 Sep 2011

Yesterday morning, the 10th, at about 10a, Rich Kuehn and I observed a flock of 11 WHITE-FACED IBIS in flight while we birded Miner Hole Road. Also, at 7:30a there was a SAY'S PHOEBE flycatching from the roof of my house in Gualala (yard bird #106).

On Friday at about noon there was a WESTERN KINGBIRD on Highway 1 just north of Crispin Lane in Manchester.

Not a rare species but an odd sighting of a flock of over 150 BAND-TAILED PIGEONS north of Hunter's Lagoon off Stoneboro Rd. in Manchester was interesting.

Rich Trissel

White Pelicans at UWTP

George Chaniot

Sun, 11 Sep 2011 -- This morning there were two AMERICAN WHITE PELICANS at the Ukiah Wastewater Treatment Plant. They were seen on the north pond, the south pond, and circling about. On the sludge pond were two PECTORAL SANDPIPERS. A cooperative VIRGINIA RAIL was visible in the edge of the cattails. I was unable to relocate the Stilt Sandpiper this morning. Along the south fence were many migrants including YELLOW WARBLERS, COMMON YELLOWTHROATS, and my first WHITE-CROWNED SPARROWS of the fall.

George Chaniot
Potter Valley, MEN, CA

Sora at Lake Cleone, Mackerricher SP 9/9/11

Karen Havlena <jkhavlena@...>

9 Sept 2011 -- About noon today I heard a SORA whinny from the east side
of Lake Cleone in the reedy area.  Also, on the SE side of the lake was a
"Sooty" FOX SPARROW.  That was early for me.
I had hoped to see or hear a few more western migrants (i.e. warblers), but
all I heard was a HUTTON'S VIREO.

Karen Havlena
North of Fort Bragg, MEN, California

P.S.  I wish that I could walk east on the Skunk tracks!  Some day soon,

Rock Wrens on Coyote Dam at Lake Mendocino

Dave <algott@...>

I realized I had not counted any Rock Wrens in Mendo County, so today I went out to see the Wrens on the dam. I saw 3 just south of the outlet on the east face of the dam where they have been for the last 3 - ? years, although I have seen them go apx 75 yards north and south of their main area. This was from 10:35 am - 12:05 pm. They mostly stay low to the ground like a chipmunk, but at one point, one of them was up on a post about 5 yards from me chipping (buzzing) away.

Dave Bengston

Stilt Sandpiper and Black-necked Stilts

Richard Hubacek

Fri Sep 9, 2011--The STILT SANDPIPER made it into it's 3rd day. I was able to see it this morning in the same location as previous observers. I hear it was 108 degrees in Ukiah. I hope it likes the heat. Out along the north shore of the north pond were 7 BLACK-NECKED STILTS (Stilts--it sound's like a theme). They were seen later flying north along the river. May not have stayed because of too much water at the waste treatment plant.

Got out of Ukiah as soon as possible and headed for foggy Virgin Creek Beach. Best bird there was a first year RED KNOT which might be the same bird others have seen recently.

Richard Hubacek
Little River

Blackpoll Warbler at Anderson Marsh, Lake Co.

Floyd Hayes

Yesterday morning I found a BLACKPOLL WARBLER that was also seen by Bryan McIntosh and Doug Weidemann along the south edge of Garner Island, Anderson Marsh, at the south end of Clear Lake. The spot is accessible only by boat. Nearby Bryan briefly heard a BLACK-AND-WHITE WARBLER. At the swallow roost site between Manning Creek and Rumsey Slough, just south of Lakeport, we saw a single BANK SWALLOW. The swallow roost site is also accessible only by boat.

Floyd Hayes
Hidden Valley Lake, CA

Stilt Sandpiper at Ukiah Water Treatment Plant

Dave <algott@...>

After Cheryl's visit to the WTP, Steve Grams, I, and Steve from the WTP observed the Stilt Sandpiper from 9:00 to 10:10 am, and it was still there foraging when we left.

It was a great morning. Other spp observed included: 2 Spotted Sandpipers; 2 Virginia Rails; 1 Sora, 1 Wilson's Snipe; 6 Least Sandpipers; 4 Killdeer; 1 Snowy Egret, etc.

Great Find Chuck Vaughn!

Dave Bengston

UWTP Stilt Sandpiper Still There

Cheryl Watson

Thursday September 8, 2011

The STILT SANDPIPER continued to forage in the sludge pond at the Ukiah Wastewater Treatment plant this morning at 0845.

This morning it was joined by several LEAST and one SPOTTED SANDPIPER, one SORA and a WILSON'S SNIPE.

Cheryl Watson
Ukiah, CA

Re: UWTP Juvenile Stilt Sandpiper Continues

George Chaniot

Wed, 07 Sep 2011 -- The STILT SANDPIPER was still on the sludge pond at the Ukiah Wastewater Treatment Pond from 2:00 - 2:35 PM. For about ten minutes it was out of sight behind vegetation. Keep looking. Nice find, Chuck!

George Chaniot
Potter Valley, MEN, CA

Possible White-faced Ibis on Ten Mile Beach


September 7, 2011
11:30 a.m.

Possible White-faced Ibis on Ten Mile Beach, MacKerricher State Park, Mendocino County--just south of Inglenook Creek at the wateredge, sitting with Double-crested Cormorant. The bird flew north. Very foggy conditions. Will post photo under Shorebirds of MacKerricher State Park.

Becky Bowen
Caspar, CA

UWTP Juvenile Stilt Sandpiper Continues

Cheryl Watson

Wednesday September 7, 2011

Geoff and I watched the STILT SANDPIPER from 0940 until 1010 this morning on the Ukiah Wastewater Treatment Plant sludge pond. There are three mudflats on the south edge of the pond and the bird spent time on each of them. The KILLDEER harassment continues.

Cheryl Watson
Ukiah, CA

09/07 UWTP Juvenile Stilt Sandpiper

Chuck & Barbara Vaughn

Greetings Mendobirders- From 845 to 900 I watched a juvenile STILT
SANDPIPER on the Ukiah Wastewater Treatment Plant sludge pond. This is
the first small pond on your right (south) as you enter from the office
area. It was still there when I left, but was being harassed by the many
resident thug Killdeer.


Chuck and Barbara Vaughn
Ukiah, CA

Virgin Ck & Ten Mile Beaches 9/6/11

Karen Havlena <jkhavlena@...>

6 September, 2011 -- This morning, a RED KNOT was at the north end of
Virgin Creek beach (don't know if this is a new bird or continuing). 

I went to the beach north of Ward Ave, Cleone.  I saw a PECTORAL
There was not much time for me this a.m., so I only got to the south
edge of Fen Creek. 

Dorothy Tobkin (Virgin Ck)  &  Karen Havlena (Ward Ave)
North of Fort Bragg, MEN, California

Long-tailed Jaeger at Clear Lake

Floyd Hayes

While canoeing on Clear Lake yesterday afternoon, Bryan McIntosh (first spotted it), Doug Weidemann, and I found a juvenile dark-morph LONG-TAILED JAEGER about a mile southeast of Lakeport. We first saw it flying from the northwest (Lakeport), cross the bow of our canoe a few hundred yards in front of us, and land on the water about a quarter of a mile away. It fed voraciously on insects floating on the lake's surface and allowed us to paddle within 100 feet for closeup photos. Twice it flushed, circling a bit the first time and landing about a quarter of a mile away toward the east, and the second time flying southward toward Long Tule Point and landing about a half mile away. I had called Jerry White and Dave Woodward, and amazingly both independently saw it in flight through telescopes from shore.

We also saw a female BUFFLEHEAD at the mouth of Kelsey Creek, presumably the same individual that I found at the north end of Clear Lake on 29 June.

On Friday the 2nd we found two different BANK SWALLOWS at the point between Manning Creek and Rumsey Slough, but yesterday there were fewer swallows and we were unable to find any Bank Swallows among them. One of Friday's birds was photographed and turned out to be a different individual than the three photographed earlier in the week (based on distinctive markings on the breast), so that makes four different Bank Swallows last week.

Floyd Hayes
Hidden Valley Lake, CA

Bobolink: Little River Airport continues

Roger Foote

Monday, Sept 5, 2011, 5:20 p.m. Holly and I saw the Bobolink at the Little
River Airport, s SW end of the taxi way as described by Richard and Art.
Non-Breeding plumage.

Roger Foote
Ukiah CA

Lake Mendocino

George Chaniot

Mon, 05 Sep 2011 -- This afternoon there were two FORSTER'S TERNS flying
around Lake Mendocino and diving into the waters. They circulated around
the north half of the lake and could probably be seen from any good vantage
point. I saw them from the Mesa Day-Use Area. Not much else was present due
to the high degree of boat activity.

George Chaniot
Potter Valley, MEN, CA

Re: Bobolink at Little River Airport

Arthur Morley <agmorley@...>

Monday Sept. 5. Yesterday, Sunday, I saw the Bobolink three times at the Little River Airport. It was in the area reported by Richard, in the grassy areas at the marked end of the taxiway. The sightings were between 11:30 and 12:00. The bird flew from the grass west of the taxiway east into the grass between the taxiway and the runway where there is a storm drain grate. It then flew back west and then into some thick bushes toward the west and wasn't seen again.

Art Morley
Fort Bragg

Date: Sat, 3 Sep 2011 20:50:51 +0000
Subject: [Mendobirds] Bobolink at Little River Airport

Sat Sep 3, 2011--This morning at about 10:45 AM there was a BOBOLINK at the west end of the Little River Airport. I heard a strange Blackbird like sound and then saw a yellowish bird fly out of the grass with a "pick" alarm call and headed to the east end of the airport. The airport must be on a Bobolink flyway. Last year on 10/2/2010 I found a Bobolink at the same exact location. Maybe this is a "returning" Bobolink.

Knowing that Karen Havlena needed a Mendocino Bobolink I gave her a call and provided the details. I didn't have much hope for her seeing the bird. I went on my birding way and sometime after 12 noon I came by the spot again and up flew the Bobolink into the top of a nice green bush. Gave Karen a call and told her that I was looking at the bird. She had arrived at the airport by then. The bird remained in the bush until Karen walked the remaining half mile to add the Bobolink to her list.

We saw some interesting interaction with a Barn Swallow and the Bobolink. They must not get along to well with the Bobolink giving chase to the swallow. We left the area with the Bobolink going back to the grassy area.

Last year's bird stayed for two days. There was speculation that that was because of some fogged in nights.

If you want to look for it, go to the terminal area of the airport on Little River Airport Rd. Park to the right and walk out to the taxiway and head west. At the end of the taxiway there is a grassy area (the grass is tall this year). Walk through the grass and you might have a Bobolink fly up. It likes the larger bushes looking left beyond the grass.

Richard Hubacek
Little River


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MCAS Fall Pelagic Trip - Sun, 18 Sept - Fort Bragg

K A Havlena

-- We still have 2 or 3 spaces left for the upcoming pelagic trip. 
There are enough participants to make it happen, but there is
will call you back with up-to-the-minute status and provide
directions for payment.  You may use my regular email address,
for quicker communication.

Thanks very much!   --Karen
Please make your plans to join us on the Sun, 18 September pelagic
trip sponsored by Mendocino Coast Audubon Society.  Spaces
are limited on the TELSTAR, which is a smaller boat than we
have used in the past.  The meeting place will be on North Harbor
Drive, Noyo Harbor, Fort Bragg.  Prepaid reservations are needed.
Here are the specific details:

DATE: Sunday, 18 September, 2011.
COST: $105           
TIME: Now 8 hours.  Meet at 7:00-am; we will return at 3:30-pm.
PLACE: Parking lot of TELSTAR, large sign on North Harbor Drive
           shortly after rounding the curve at the bottom of the hill.

Prepay either by check or credit card.
PAYABLE to MCAS  for $105

CREDIT CARD:  Send an email to me at
with your phone number and a good time to call you.

Please commit as soon as possible; we don't deposit checks,
etc, until trip time. Remember: spaces are limited.  Sorry, but
nobody under 11 years old or folks unable to stand for long
periods can participate.  Confirmations will be sent out shortly
before the trip date.  Thanks!!!

Karen Havlena
Fort Bragg, MEN, California

4201 - 4220 of 8688