Black Oystercatcher Survey

Cate Hawthorne

Greetings Mendobirders,

Thought some might enjoy reading my blog
y.html> about our Black Oystercatcher survey last week. We had lots
of fun.

Best of days birding,
Liquid Fusion Kayaking <>

Bald Eagle, Albion

AlbionWood <albionwood@...>

Saturday June 4, 2011 - A Bald Eagle flew low over the Albion Post Office around 8:30 AM. It flew south and then dipped down into Salmon Creek canyon. There was a second bird of similar size and flight habit over the canyon, but I didn't have optics with me.

Lisa at the hardware store says this bird has been seen regularly passing back and forth between the Albion River and Salmon Creek.

Tim Bray

Hooded Orioles and Probable Calliope Hummer in Rogina Heights, Talmage

Dave <algott@...>

Hooded Orioles have fledged at my next door neighbors and I have been seeing 3-4 every day for about 5 days now, male, female and two immature ones.

Yesterday I was observing a female Selasphorus sitting at a feeder 12 feet away when another hummer with light orange sat down on the feeder next to it. It had light orange on the sides, was noticeably smaller, more rounded shape and shorter beak. I think it was a female Calliope, but I did not get a definitive look at the tail or rump.

Dave Bengston

Luck with W Kingbirds and 37 Black Oystercatchers

Karen Havlena <jkhavlena@...>

Thur, 2 June 2011 -- George & Jan Chaniot were a great help to me
today on covering most of my small sections from Hardy Creek down
to Abalobadiah Creek (tomorrow I will do Seaside Creek).  We had
37 BLACK OYSTERCATCHERS and 7 nests!  There are likely many
more BLOY to be found by Adam Hutchins & Alison Cebula in other
area along Hwy 1 north of Ten Mile River.  We even got to witness an
intruder BLOY get chased all over the area by a pair with a nest at
Abalobadiah.  Are you reading this, Joleen?

Also, we saw 4 WESTERN KINGBIRDS, 2 at Pacific Star Winery
and 2 at the old townsite of Newport.  With last year's high coastal
count of WEKI and 4 today, we need to watch for more of them --
they could be increasing their range to the coast and may become
regular here.

It did not rain at all, so we had a very enjoyable day.

Karen Havlena
North of Fort Bragg, MEN, California

Gulls of the Americas book

Robert Keiffer <rjkeiffer@...>

2 June 2011 - I just ordered and received three copies of Steve Howell's/Jon Dunn's book of the Peterson Reference Guides series ... "Gulls of the Americas". This is a 500+ page reference book that is LOADED with color photographs, maps, and cycle-plumage information. With a $35 list price it is on sale now at the following place for $9.95 and I see no flaws in the books. For my order there was no shipping, but shipping is NEVER over $4 from them (for the total order).

Edward R. Hamilton Bookseller Company, PO Box 15, Falls Village, CT 06031-0015

You should be able to google or bing them at<>

Sorry if this is out-of-the-norm for Mendobirds ...but is a great opportunity for serious birders. The EH Bookseller offers only last for a short time and then they are out of them ... they are kind of like an outlet store for books. Good birding. Bob Keiffer

Bald Eagle


June 1, 2011, 2pm
Albion River Inn. One bald eagle, east side of Hwy 1, headed south.

Thrush Identification

rbharris11 <rbharris11@...>

I have trouble seperating the two thrush species here on the coast during our Spring and Fall overlap seasons so I decided to do some observations this winter on wing and tail flicking as a reliable way to differentiate Swainson's from Hermit thrushes.

Last Fall, "Hermie" arrived right on schedule and took up residence in my pygmy forest bushes. Hermie may or may not be male and might not even be the same individual across all sightings, but he is Hermie to me and he stays all winter.

Results: From November through Feburary Hermie was always seen wing and tail flicking. At no time did Hermie not wing and tail flick. The longest measured period of time between flicks was 20 seconds and that was a single unusual event. Then, around the end of February tail and wing flicking decreased until March when a sighting recorded no flicking for over two minutes of continued observation. Hermie was then seen no more and presumably "went up the hill" (or got eaten by a cat).

Yesterday, May 29, a confirmed visual of a Swainson's was seen in the bushes. I've been hearing the Swainson's for a week or two but have not been able to get a good sustained visual observation. There might have been a single tail pump but the sighting was short and didn't last long typical of Swainson's.

Thus begins the summer observations. Do Swainson's wing and tail flick? Preliminary results indicate that wing and tail flicking might be useless for indentification purposes in these two thrush species. Conclusions to follow in the Fall.

Rick Harris

calif thrasher


Monday May 30, 2011 9:30 am Calif. Thrasher male and female Laughlin Way Redwood Valley - The bush is in someones yard to the left of their fence at 320? Laughlin. From North State take Laughlin Way about 1/2 a mile past the RR tracks and around the first sharp curve. It's the only house on that stretch. Last we saw the couple carrying nesting materials into a bush and today we saw them carrying mouthfuls of bugs into the same bush. They are certainly raising a brood there.

Re: Black-crowned Night Heron

George Chaniot

On May 24 at about 2 p.m. I saw a Black-crowned Night Heron in Ukiah flying
south near the Starbucks near Perkins and Route 101. It was an adult and
did not appear to be carrying food, but it made me wonder if there might be
nesting in the vicinity. That's pretty close to the Oak Manor winter roost.

George Chaniot
Potter Valley, MEN, CA

From: Robert Keiffer <>

27 May 2011 - I just saw an adult Black-crowned Night Heron on the pond
across from Fern Canyon Road on Old River Road. This is about two miles south
of Talmage. It is of interest because we have the traditional winter roost
of 30+ birds near Oak Manor at Ukiah, yet we have no documented records of the
species nesting in the county.

Black-crowned Night Heron

Robert Keiffer <rjkeiffer@...>

27 May 2011 - I just saw an adult Black-crowned Night Heron on the pond across from Fern Canyon Road on Old River Road. This is about two miles south of Talmage. It is of interest because we have the traditional winter roost of 30+ birds near Oak Manor at Ukiah, yet we have no documented records of the species nesting in the county. There are records of summer-time juveniles ...but ones that can already fly ... but no actual nests have been found. This adult bird today tells me that we have a nesting colony somewhere near, maybe along the Russian River in the willows?? They will also nest in expanses tules/cattails (maybe Hunters' lagoon at Manchester State Beach for example). Anyway, please keep an eye out for Black-crowned Night Herons going to and from and area during crepuscular (dawn and dusk) time periods. Hopefully someone will locate a nest colony this season so we can include it in our county-wide effort of "heronry" surveys. Good birding. Bob Keiffer

Two White Pelicans


While in the town of Mendocino today, right about noon, two White Pelicans flew in from the south directly over our heads as we stood outside the Mendocino Hotel. Wish my camera hadn't been sitting in the car. We hopped in the car and tried to locate them again but to no avail.

All Birds & Mammals from 5/15 Pelagic Trip - Fort Bragg

K A Havlena

Sun, 15 May 2011 - Below is the wonderful eBird list that was
prepared by Rob Fowler, co-leader of the Spring MCAS Pelagic
trip.  We motored south towards Navarro Canyon.  Rob's lists
are in TWO sections with locations and notes.  Enjoy!  A big
thanks to Rob.   -- Karen Havlena

[1] Location:  Mendocino Pelagic--nearshore  Observation date:     5/15/11
Notes:     Nearshore portion of the pelagic trip organized by the Mendocino
Coast Audubon Society. All birds seen from Noyo harbor to about 4 miles
offshore. Three California Sea Lions and a 4 Harbor Seals were in the harbor.
Number of species:     17
Mallard     2
Surf Scoter     80
Red-throated Loon     8
Pacific Loon     120
Common Loon     1
Brandt's Cormorant     4
Pelagic Cormorant     14     A couple of nests seen right outside of Noyo Harbor
were seen to have chicks.
Brown Pelican     11
Turkey Vulture     1
Osprey     1
Western Gull     50
California Gull     1
Pigeon Guillemot     15
Rhinoceros Auklet     2
Common Raven     1
European Starling     6
Song Sparrow     1

[2] Location:  Offshore pelagic (MEN Co.)
Observation date:     5/15/11
Notes:     Mendocino Coast Audubon-organized pelagic trip. We headed to the
south towards Navarro Canyon but only got within about 5 miles of it due to us
constantly running into flocks of birds. We made it about 12-13 miles offshore
at the farthest point. It was a very busy day with seabirds being seen
throughout the day. Weather in the morning was overcast with regular showers and
wind from the south at about Beaufort 1-2. By the afternoon the wind had picked
up a bit turning from Beaufort 2-3. Highlights was the first-ever SHORT-TAILED
ALBATROSS to be found on a pelagic boat trip in Northwestern California (MEN 2nd
and Rob Fowler were the trip leaders. Mammals seen on the trip include: Humpback
Whale 6<br>Pacific White-sided Dolphin  5<br>Dall's Porpoise  12 California Sea
Lion 1.
Number of species:     19
Pacific Loon     60
Black-footed Albatross     320
Northern Fulmar     10
Pink-footed Shearwater     170
Sooty Shearwater     400
Manx Shearwater     1     One spotted by Rob Fowler off of the back of the boat
on the way back in about 9 offshore south of Albion. Seen well by some of the
trip participants. Small black-and-white shearwater that flew with quick and
stiff wingbeats with blackish upperparts that sharply contrasted with the white
underparts. The undertail coverts were obviously white and the white crescent
that curves up behind the auriculars was well seen at close range.
Leach's Storm-Petrel     1     One spotted flying away from the boat by Ron
LeValley and seen by a few trip participants.
Red-necked Phalarope     900     Rough estimates for both phalarope species.
Red-necked seemed to be slightly less numerous than Reds today.
Red Phalarope     1100
Sabine's Gull     360     At most times of the day this species was being seen.
Good day for migration for this species. Most birds were adults.
Bonaparte's Gull     9
Western Gull     140
California Gull     30
Black Tern     1     1 alternate-plumaged bird seen with about 8 Common Terns.
Only about the 3rd record for Mendocino.
Common Tern     8     Fowler thought these birds were probably Arctic but photos
from LeValley proved otherwise and clinched the id. as Commons.
Common/Arctic Tern     1     One bird too far to id.
Pomarine/Parasitic Jaeger     1     One bird was spotted by Fowler was probably
a Parasitic but views too brief.
Common Murre     40
Pigeon Guillemot     1     One seen about 5 miles offshore.
Cassin's Auklet     18
Rhinoceros Auklet     120

-- Rob Fowler
    McKinleyville, CA

evening grosbeaks

jonipony42 <jonipony42@...>

"my" evening grosbeaks have been at the sunflower feeders since early March. This is their first year here in my yard. I have counted four males and four females, for sure, possibly nesting? They are now being crowded out by the Bullocks Orioles and maybe Blackheaded Grosbeaks. I'm at the southeast corner of East Valley street and South Lenore in Willits. They are usually there from 7 a.m. to noon and then intermittent til about 5 p.m. You can view them from across East Valley Street...if you come to the driveway gate, the dogs will scare everything away. Happy sightings!

Evening Grosbeak(s) continue in Willits

sizewiremike20 <sizewiremike20@...>


Fellow Birders:

Made another short trip to the previous location of the Evening Grosbeaks in Willits. Quickly picked up a calling male in a large oak on the north side of the intersection of East Valley Road and South Lenore. The lady in whose yard (southeast corner house) the Grosbeaks seem to be inhabiting sent me an email recounting how she has seen at least 4 males and 4 females visiting her feeder regularly.

East Valley road runs eastward from highway 101 and the intersection is about 1/4 mile east from the highway.

Good birding!
Mike Curry

5/18 UWTP American Avocets

Chuck & Barbara Vaughn

Greetings Mendobirders- This morning at 1115 there were 2 AMERICAN
AVOCETS on the N edge of the S pond at the Ukiah Wastewater Treatment
Plant. They were in nice, bright alternate plumage.


Chuck and Barbara Vaughn
Ukiah, CA

Glass Beach Albatrosses

Charlene McAllister

Ron LeValley just reported that there is a drag boat offshore from Glass
Beach. There are 100's of Albatrosses around the boat and they can be seen
from shore. He speculates that with a scope one might find a Short-tailed
in the mix.

Charlene McAllister

P.O. Box 332

Little River, CA 95456-0332


cell: 707-832-2135

PAS Thurs 5/19: Matthew Matthiessen on Alaska

Cheryl Watson

Alaska: abundant life in barren landscapes

The incomparable Matthew Matthiessen will return to Ukiah from Mammoth Lakes to present his unique impressions of Alaska. Join Peregrine Audubon on Thursday, May 19, 7 p.m. at the Ukiah Civic Center for his beautiful photography of Alaska, the Pribilof Islands and its wildlife. It wasn't the majestic, glacier-covered mountains or the forest clad inlets that left an impact on Mattiessen, but rather the abundant birds and mammals set against the desolate and barren landscape.

Matthiessen describes it, "This was my first trip to Alaska and I was absolutely amazed at how fantastic it was. I went in May/June of 2010 and visited Homer, Nome, and St Paul Island. The reason to go to St Paul was to see Red-legged Kittiwake, but the thing that made it so special were the huge seabird colonies nesting on the cliffs. It was truly one of the most incredible birding experiences of my life. Nome was great for the handful of Asian species that just make it across the Bering Strait and breed on the western edge of AK. The mammals were a revelation as well."

This Peregrine Audubon sponsored presentation is free to the public, though donations will be welcome. The Ukiah Civic Center is located at 300 Seminary Avenue. To support Peregrine Audubon Society and receive a newsletter with regular announcements about programs and field trips, please send $20 to PAS, P.O. Box 311, Ukiah, CA 95482. For more information on a wide variety of topics related to birding and conservation in Mendocino County please go to

Short-tailed Albatross video

Rob Fowler

Hi all,
At the request of Bob Keiffer I'm posting the video that I took of the
immature Short-tailed Albatross that was found on the Mendocino Coast
Audubon-sponsored pelagic trip yesterday, 15 May 2011. The link to the video
is here <>. Enjoy!

For Calbirders that aren't subscribed to
Mendobirds<>or don't check
the California
Birding List Digest <> regularly see Karen
Havlena's posting below that she put on Mendobirds yesterday regarding the

Sun, 15 May 2011 -- A young, banded SHORT-TAILED ALBATROSS
was spotted by Jerry White 6 miles off Mendocino. The bird flew in with
over 100 BLACK-FOOTED ALBATROSS, and sat behind the stern of the
Telstar, while many took numerous photos.� Later, Rob Fowler called
out MANX SHEARWATER 9 miles out.��Ron LeValley found a LEACH'S
STORM-PETREL.� Ron and Rob�simutaneously�called a BLACK TERN.
It was a great trip for Mendocino Coast Audubon's annual May pelagic

For Jerry White, Ron LeValley and Rob Fowler,

Karen Havlena
MCAS pelagic trip organizer
Fort Bragg, MEN, California

Rob Fowler
McKinleyville, CA

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Short-tailed Albatross & Other Birds - Mendocino

K A Havlena

Sun, 15 May 2011 -- A young, banded SHORT-TAILED ALBATROSS
was spotted by Jerry White 6 miles off Mendocino. The bird flew in with
over 100 BLACK-FOOTED ALBATROSS, and sat behind the stern of the
Telstar, while many took numerous photos.  Later, Rob Fowler called
out MANX SHEARWATER 9 miles out.  Ron LeValley found a LEACH'S
STORM-PETREL.  Ron and Rob simutaneously called a BLACK TERN.
It was a great trip for Mendocino Coast Audubon's annual May pelagic

For Jerry White, Ron LeValley and Rob Fowler,

Karen Havlena
MCAS pelagic trip organizer
Fort Bragg, MEN, California

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Yellow-headed Blackbird - Ocean Meadows

Karen Havlena <jkhavlena@...>

Fri, 13 May 2011 --  An adult female YELLOW-HEADED BLACKBIRD was
feeding at the edge of our driveway this morning in Ocean Meadows / Ten
Mile Area.  We had another YHBL in the yard 12 Oct, 2009. 

We are out of birdseed.  Ususally, YHBls have not stayed around this area
for more than a few hours, at most.  So, it is not too promising for this bird
to linger.

Karen Havlena
Ocean Meadows / Ten Mile Area
North of Fort Bragg, MEN, California

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