Pelagic this Friday

Tim Bray

Marine forecast continues to look good for Friday, in spite of the big swell and wind coming in the next couple of days. By Friday morning it is predicted to be back down to 4-5 feet at 11 seconds, which is pretty nice, and less than 10 knots wind.

Trip length and cost will depend on how many people sign up. I'm hoping to take 4-5 hours and get out to the deepwater Noyo Canyon area, about 12 miles offshore.

Right now I have ten people who have signed up to go. If we want to get out to the deepwater and keep the cost down to $100 per person, we need at least ten more. Otherwise we will probably just go out a few miles, see some Gray Whales, put out a slick and see if we can attract an Albatross. I know Black-footed have been seen recently. Laysan Albatross is also possible this time of year, especially if we can get farther offshore.

So if you are considering going, let me know ASAP so I can negotiate the terms with the boat captain. More passengers means more flexibility in planning the trip.

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