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Tim Bray

Following up on this and raising an alarm:
After hearing that there are two active nests along the Eel River near Van Arsdale I contacted the resident, and it sounds as if he is in fact talking about one of those nests. The PG&E contractors have identified the tree it is in, a diseased (not yet dead) Ponderosa Pine, as a potential threat to nearby power lines. The resident has obtained an arborist's opinion that the threat can be mitigated without cutting the tree down, but PG&E is playing hardball.

Both the resident and a respected local birder have confirmed activity in the nest in the last two days.

PG&E intends to cut the tree down by January 15, which is the date California regulations establish as the start of the "critical period" during which timber harvest operations are restricted in the vicinity of nest sites. It's not clear to me that those regulations allow cutting of nest trees even outside the critical period, but it is evidently clear to PG&E and its contractor that they do.

There are not many inland Bald Eagle nests and if this one is cut down, it is not at all clear what the pair will do.

I hope someone over in the Ukiah region knows who to call to get some clarification and perhaps stop this action.

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On 1/11/2022 7:46 PM, Tim Bray wrote:
Does anyone know of Bald Eagle nesting in Potter Valley? I just heard about a possible threat to a snag being used as a nest.
If you know or have any pertinent observations, please contact me directly. 

Tim Bray
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