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Shannon Underhill


I also had the same experience as Lisa. I had multiple fist-sized pine cones drop from high up in a tall tree just five feet from where I stood. I had just exited my truck parked at the same location Lisa describes. It would have been a trip to the hospital, at the very least, if one of those hit me. Also, like Lisa described, the barrage stopped one I walked away from the area.

Shannon Underhill

Two Bears Remodeling LLC

On Jan 10, 2022, at 8:23 PM, Lisa D. Walker, (Feather Forestwalker) <feather@...> wrote:

´╗┐Hi all!

At the eastern-most Banksia tree in Rose Memorial Gardens is the location
that the Tennessee and Nashville Warblers have been seen most often. So, it
is often that I go to this section, park my car and walk out from there
after checking that tree, to the other Banksia Trees.

The last three times I have gone there, however, I have been bombarded by
pine tree parts. Not just needles; pieces of branches containing one or
more green pinecones that are absolutely huge and heavy. They don't just
fall, harmlessly to the ground, either. They've hit the fence, the railroad
tracks, bounced off tombs and grave markers, near-missing my head, or lower
legs, depending on how sharp the angle of ricochet is.

The Western Gray Squirrels are definitely letting me know that they do not
want me there, for as soon as I walk away, they stop. When I go back to get
into my car, they start up again. I would caution other birders who are
visiting the graveyard, to be aware of the two Western Gray Squirrels in
the tall pine close to the railroad tracks where the eastern-most Banksia
tree is. And park anywhere but beneath that pine. The squirrels let fly
with the tips of branches as I was getting ready to leave today, right on
top of my car. I have never harassed or otherwise bothered them. I just
don't think they want humans near that spot.

Lisa Walker-Roseman
Fort Bragg/Cleone

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