Re: Brown Pelicans being seen and a rescue of Nothern Fulmars at Manchester State Beach.

Diane Hichwa

It varies.  While we think of the numbers tapering off in December………….

I looked on our Gualala Point Island surveys of December and on our Sea Ranch Chr Bird Counts in early January.

Some years we have 0 and other years more than 100.

It is likely that the breeding adults have gone south to nest and what remains are mostly immatures.


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Hi All,

  Do any of you keep records on when the brown pelicans have migrated south? We are still seeing dozens upon dozens of them in Gualala/Anchor Bay. Last night I looked through my spotting scope at Fish Rocks at sunset (I’m a half mile away from the shoreline). I was surprised to see brown pelicans on all the high spots, with hundreds of gulls and cormorants a little lower on the rocks. It looked like the bigger rock was totally covered in birds!

  Bob Rutemoeller wrote me that yesterday, Sunday, he saw at least 50 to 60 pelicans on the sandbar and in the Gualala River. It seems very late to me to be seeing them. What do you think?

  Also of note, there have been Northern fulmars in trouble at Manchester State Beach. A big rescue of over 20 of them took place. According to International Bird Rescue Center, they are first year birds with lesions on their feet. You can read about them at this IBRC link: There is a fun photo of these birds in a swimming pool. Looks like most of them will survive thanks to some dedicate people who went the extra mile for these birds.


  Jeanne Jackson, Anchor Bay

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