which hummingbird is this?

Linda Perkins

Two days ago we were having lunch outside at the Brickery in Mendocino and I saw about 10-12 feet away a hummingbird that I couldn't identify. It was a dark green on its back and green underneath as well. No white underparts that I could see. No rufous color anywhere. When it spread its tail, there was no white at all. It had a somewhat darker head it seemed and I kept expecting to see some flash of iridescence on its head as it was a sunny day but saw nothing but a seemingly darker head. At one point, it was side-by side with, and then chased away, an Allen's. It was larger than the Allen's.

The only thing I could come up with, looking in my eastern Sibley's, was a juvenile green violet-ear. Would that be totally far-fetched? If not that, which other hummingbird might be all green?

Thanks everyone for any enlightenment.


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