Re: Potential Ovenbird 5/30/2021, South Fork Eel

marisela de santa anna

Well that is awesome Bob! and Philip!  I do hear that repeated teacha teacha teacha but was hearing witcha witcha witcha before and thought that a Common Yellowthroat just wasn't finishing it's song!  Where I work in the Little Lake Valley doing bird surveys, we have tons of C Yellowthroats and I am always noticing that each one can be individual in its song. I also hear the other three birds.

On Thu, Jun 3, 2021 at 10:23 AM Lisa D. Walker, (Feather Forestwalker) <feather@...> wrote:
OK... thank you Todd and Robert.... it sure didn't sound like it to me,
but as I said, my ear is untrained for Ovenbird. What a cool find! I have
only seen one once in NJ

Lisa D Walker-Roseman

On Thu, 3 Jun 2021 09:29:53 -0700, Robert Keiffer <rjkeiffer@...>
> Sounds like Ovenbird to me. ... “teacha, teacha, teacha” typical call.
> Bob Keiffer, Hopland Mendocino County. Rjkeiffer@...
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>> On Jun 3, 2021, at 8:55 AM, Todd Easterla <teasterla@...>
>> OVENBIRD!!!!!!
>> Jun 3, 2021 6:26:11 AM Lisa D. Walker, (Feather Forestwalker)
>> <feather@...>:
>>> Someone else suggested Common Yellowthroat and it sounds *nothing*
>>> that species to me.
>>> When I listened to your nicely recorded audio file, I had it play via
>>> Bird
>>> Net. Bird Net ID'd the recording with three species -- so I compared
>>> to
>>> other recordings and what I heard and what BirdNet and the other
>>> recordings
>>> I listened to suggested:
>>> Black-headed Grosbeak
>>> Dark-eyed Junco
>>> and
>>> Chipping Sparrow
>>> Lisa Walker-Roseman
>>>> On Wed, 2 Jun 2021 16:29:29 -0700, "Philip Georgakakos"
>>>> <pgeorgakakos3@...> wrote:
>>>> Dear Mendo birders,
>>>> On 5-30-2021 I heard an unfamiliar song while out conducting some
>>>> surveys on the upper South Fork Eel River. The song came from thick
>>>> vegetation along the riparian corridor and repeated about every 10
>>>> seconds for the roughly ten minutes I tried to locate it. Song was
>>>> repeated syllables with a warbler tone that lasted for around 3
>>>> seconds.
>>>> Phonetically, I heard "zeetle zeetle zeetle zeetle....", but written
>>>> descriptions are only so useful. I also recorded this elusive
>>>> you can find the recording on my ebird list for the
>>>> day: [1]. The bird flew across
>>>> the
>>>> river at one point, but I was in a wetsuit and mask, without binos,
>>>> not great conditions to get a good enough look for ID. I shared this
>>>> recording with a few friends who independently suggested the
>>>> possibility of Ovenbird. Maybe a partial song of a Nashville Warbler?
>>>> If
>>>> you have thoughts, please send them my way.
>>>> Unfortunately, this would be a very challenging bird to chase. It was
>>>> really active, moving through the dense veg at a steady pace. Also,
>>>> this
>>>> reach of river is very difficult to access. It would probably require
>>>> 10+ mile hike, much along the river corridor.
>>>> Even though this bird is difficult to chase, I hope many of you have
>>> time
>>>> to get out over the next few weeks. Ive been working at and around UC
>>>> Berkeleys Angelo Coast Range Reserve, off Wilderness Lodge Rd, as a
>>>> graduate student and now Postdoctoral researcher since 2013. This can
>>>> be
>>>> a fun spot to bird, and is open to public walk-in day use. However,
>>>> dogs
>>>> are not allowed on the reserve. Over the last week Ive encountered
>>>> nesting American Dippers and a female Common Merganser shepherding a
>>>> group of fresh ducklings. Please be respectful of these breeding
>>> as
>>>> they try to raise young. If you notice any change in their behavior
>>>> they are watching you, youre probably too close and adding stress to
>>>> their already stressful tasks. Other sections of the Eel can also be
>>>> great. If youd like details on visiting the reserve or want to
>>>> about good river spots to check out feel free to shoot me an email.
>>>> best wishes, Phil GeorgakakosOakland clear:both">
>>>> Links:
>>>> ------
>>>> [1]
>>>> [2]
>>>> [3]
>>>> [4]
>>>> [5]
>>>> [6]
>>>> [7]
>>>> [8]

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