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Linda Perkins


Vaux’s Swifts forage in flight, eating tiny insects and spiders that they catch via rapid aerial pursuit. They eat flies, hoverflies, booklice, ants, bees, leafhoppers, planthoppers, aphids, spindlebugs, lanternflies, bark beetles, moths, mayflies, and true bugs. They forage in flocks, pairs, or singly, coursing back and forth over productive areas. On occasion, these swifts seem to flutter or stall over the tips of tree branches, perhaps to glean an insect resting there. When feeding young, Vaux’s Swifts capture over 100 insects and spiders per sortie, which they form into a bolus (ball) that they regurgitate to the young at the nest. They may make over 50 sorties per day.

On 5/31/2021 10:56 AM, Roger Adamson wrote:
Just noticed a behavior I had not seen before. A couple of Vaux’s Swifts were foraging above my garden and they were repeatedly passing through and pausing (of course, not perching!) within a two Douglas Firs. The birds were only about 20 ft off the ground. They did this for several minutes, then moved on. 
“Record shots” on eBird
Roger Adamson
Fort Bragg
HI Roger, Found this on Cornell website. My hummingbirds are doing this, too! Linda.

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