Re: Another missing flying species

Erica Fielder

Good news. We’ve never had mosquitos and do have a lot of violet-green flycatchers, more than ever this year. We’ve put up more nest boxes, now 4, which are being closely examined by pairs. We’ve also seen barn swallows. So, 2.5 miles up Simpson Lane the swallows thrive. 


On May 28, 2021, at 11:17 AM, Larry Sawyer and Harriet Bye <bysawyer@...> wrote:

Mosquitoes!  I'm usually swatting away at hundreds of them everyday in the late spring and have to wear long sleeves if I work outside in the shade or in the evening.  I've seen two all spring on Middle Ridge in Albion.  Of course it's the lack of water for breeding.  I wonder how the fly catchers are managing?


Erica Fielder

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