Re: Hummingbird numbers and other mysteries.


Same here.  Fewer hummingbirds but we moved 2 miles inland so I thought that might affect our observations.  We only had about a week of the increased Selasphorus spp…Whereas we normally see lots for at least 3 -4 weeks or so.

Lots of honeybees, Erica, I’m happy to report! There is a lot of Borage in this yard and they seem to love the Borage and the rosemary flowers.

Sarah, PT

On May 17, 2021, at 6:23 AM, Erica Fielder <efielder@...> wrote:

Hi Sarah, 

I also noticed that I’m not seeing hummingbirds. I wonder if the winds and cold are driving them inland. Do folks see them inland? Also, I’m not seeing many insects other than some bumblebees. 


On May 16, 2021, at 5:32 PM, Sarah Grimes <zewa@...> wrote:

I am holding onto hope that this is just my observation.  I’m seeing far fewer hummingbirds around my usually busy yard as well as at the Botanical Gardens.
Here’s hoping they are just avoiding me for some reason.
Also, I caught a glimpse of what I first thought was a Western Kingbird on the fence west of the old runway (Noyo Headlands) I’ve seen them there before.
As I pondered the glimpse,  I kept seeing the peach of a Scissor tailed Fly Catcher.
Now I feel confused as to what I saw.
I do know it was beautiful, and that I saw it there on 5/15 at around 10:30 a m and I did not find it in 5/16.
Perhaps someone wants to solve my little mystery:)
Happy Birding ~


Erica Fielder

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