Semipalmated Sandpiper at Virgin Creek

Lisa D. Walker, (Feather Forestwalker)

Got what appears to be an adult Semipalmated Sandpiper at Virgin Creek
Beach this was hanging out with Western and Least Sandpipers--
I have attached a photo

Lots of birds out today!

Western Bluebirds
Purple Martins
Violet-green Swallows
Pygmy Nuthatches
Acorn Woodpeckers
Hairy Woodpeckers
Downy Woodpeckers (finally!)
House Finches
Purple Finches
Barn Swallows
Red-shouldered Hawk
Western Sandpipers
Least Sandpipers
California Gulls
Western Gulls
Semipalmated Sandpiper
Snowy Plover
Brewer's Blackbirds
White-crowned Sparrows
Song Sparrows
Common Ravens
Canada Geese
Turkey Vultures
Marbled Godwit
Black Oystercatchers

Happy Birding!

Lisa D Walker-Roseman
Fort Bragg (Noyo!)- Cleone

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