USTP- Blue-winged Teal/Redhead

Robert J. Keiffer <rjkeiffer@...>

April 17, 2004 - Saturday - From 0900 to 1130 - Bob & Ryan Keiffer, Marie
and Tess Behnke birded the Ukiah Sewage Treatment Plant.
Highlights included a female Blue-winged Teal mixed with several
Green-winged Teal. There was a strange looking female duck with the few
Ring-necked Ducks, which I now embarrassingly realize (thanks to John
Sterling's report) was a female Redhead. Other waterfowl included about
20 bufflehead, several Great Basin Canada Geese, several Ruddy Ducks, and
of course Mallards which included one head with 7 newly hatched young. 6
Least Sandpipers and a few Killdeer comprised the only
shorebirds. Yellowthroats were calling from the marsh vegetation. Singing
Black-headed Grosbeaks from the river and a handful of White-crowned
sparrows finished the morning's adventure. Bob Keiffer

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