Snow Geese, Noyo Headlands

Lisa D. Walker, (Feather Forestwalker)

A friend alerted me to four Snow Geese (three adults and one immature
bird) on Noyo Headlands this afternoon behind the dog park. They were in a
flock of Canada Geese and seemed unperturbed at my presence, but were
startled into the air briefly by a couple of dogs on the trail who lunged
toward them. Fortunately, the dogs were on leash. The birds were there
around 3 PM and continued til after I arrived and left around 4.

Off Ward Avenue this morning, I counted four Dunlins, five Snowy Plovers,
20+ Black-bellied Plovers, at least 50 Mew Gulls hunting sand crabs in the
surf together (wait along the immediate shore, then, after a huge wave
broke and spread out, they would all fly together, hovering over the water
and grabbing the larger sand crabs, and swallow them whole before another
bird could steal their prizes. It was interesting behavior to watch)....
this was all south of Inglenook Creek and north of Ward Avenue. Also
spotted an immature Northern Harrier, about 30 Black Turnstones, a few
California Gulls, Herring Gulls and Ring-billed Gulls were also present.
American Pipits flew overhead, landing occasionally to catch insects... a
couple of Black Phoebes... and the ubiquitous Common Ravens...

Happy Birding!

Photo of (2 of the) Snow Geese attached

Lisa D Walker-Roseman, Fort Bragg

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