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Diane Hichwa

They also spend time at Jenner mouth of Russian River, at Laguna de Santa Rosa, and at Bodega Bay.
Diane Hichwa

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Migrating.....the smoke might be disorienting to them..... the four I had
on the coast the other day were surprising.... happy to hear there were SO
many in your flock! Hope they find the Navarro River mouth soon! I want to
check Ten Mile River.... Clear Lake is their usual location (and I think
Lake Mendocino and Lake Sonoma-- in fact, I bet they show up at Lake

Happy Birding!


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> Hi Folks
> About 3.5 miles south of South Cloverdale Blvd early afternoon today I
> saw about 2 dozen White Pelicans circling in 2 adjacent circles, over
> freeway. Magnificent, and puzzling as to why. Wish you’d been there!
> Kitty Norris
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