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Diane Hichwa

This morning I just saw both Bald Eagles on the small island in the river, down from the pullout as you leave Gualala.
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Anchor Bay
Hi All,
  The Osprey nest we watch through a scope failed sometime over June 2/3rd. We came home from a trip to observe an empty nest. While one of the ospreys could been seen now and then perched on the side of the nest, we knew something had happened to the chicks or eggs (the nest is too deep to see into it). This morning I checked the nest and saw the two ospreys mating! I didn’t think they would try for a second clutch. Does anyone know if they might have a late clutch? Of course, I’ll be watching in the days and weeks ahead.
  We had a yellow-headed blackbird in the Surf Supermarket parking lot on May 16th. The gal who photographed the bird didn’t submit it to me until two weeks later.
  As far as we know, the two bald eagles at the Gualala River did not nest. Plenty of mating for weeks, but no sign of nest building. One of the two eagles remains and is seen every day by residents and visitorsof Gualala. The two haven’t been seen together for several weeks.
  We have a successful peregrine falcon nest on the southern Mendo coast with three chicks. I haven’t had a recent report from the people who can view the nest so I’ll have to reach out to them. The second nest, which was further north, failed this year. It had been successful the past several years. I was told by a fellow that he knew of three active peregrine falcon nests in Mendocino county this spring, but he hasn’t provided photos. He is credible so I do tend to believe him.
That’s my news from down here! Jeanne Jackson, Anchor Bay

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