Wood Duck, Virgin Creek East

Lisa D. Walker, (Feather Forestwalker)

Since the sighting of the Burrowing Owl there has not continued, I decided
to walk over to the driftwood pile on the east side of the bridge at
Virgin Creek to see if perhaps it had been hanging out there. Finding no
signs (pellets, poop, etc), I decided to look over at the creek and see
what ducks were hiding there, especially since the Mallards were quacking
up a storm and I knew they would fly off.... in with one part of the flock
were at least five Northern Pintail Ducks, most female, one male, and on
the other side of the flock was a single male Wood Duck. It was a Lifer
for me, having never seen a wild one, ever.

Lisa Walker, Fort Bragg-Cleone

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