Audubon Program on Cuba

Charlene McAllister

Rich Kuehn will be presenting "Birding the Island Nation of Cuba" at the
Gualala Arts Center on Monday, April 20th at 7 pm.

In April of last year, tourism to Cuba was still restricted but Rich and his
husband, Dean joined a small "bird survey" group sponsored by the Caribbean
Conservation Trust. They were allowed to fly directly from Miami and were
met by a government approved leader who openly discussed societal and
political issues with them during their 2 week adventure which encompassed
about 60% of the island nation. Rich will share photos and stories about
Cuban birds, including their National Bird - the Cuban Trogon as well as the
littlest endemic, the Bee Hummingbird (the smallest avian species in the
world). Join Rich and Dean and you will also see images of the country, the
people and their current modes of transportation (think vintage American

For further information, go to or call 937-4463

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