Re: Rufous hummingbird?

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I live in the deerwood area of ukiah. For many years I have enjoyed the Anna's hummingbirds year round. Never saw a rufous. Now for the past month or so the rufous have moved in and fought off my Anna's so that I never see them. I have always grown lots of flowering plants for them. I am going to go get 2 bird feeders for them and hopefully the Anna's will get to use one? I thought the rufous would migrate through but they seem to be hanging out. Does anyone know if they usually move north to nest?

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Just posted some photos I took this morning around the bottle brush. Three little rusty colored hummers were fighting over the flowers...I knew there were Rufous hummingbirds in the area, but I've never seen them on our property before. Look different than some others posted in the photos section, though, so I'm happy to be corrected. I couldn't quite catch it, but their throats flashed brilliant red in the sunlight.

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