North State Street Ospreys


 The off ramp from North Highway 101 to East Highway 20 has a very wide pulloff lane behind the white fogline with even more over a low curb into the poppies.  Just before the green construction and water delivery company sign (100 feet or so) gives a very nice view of the Osprey nest on the TALL light pole to the east.  The nest is still above the parking but pretty clear.

This afternoon about 4 one adult was sitting low in the middle of the nest and its mate was nice enough to arrive while I was watching with a fish seemingly near its capacity.

They settled into a nice repast for 10 minutes or so when the provider bird took off again to the north.

I may be a softy, but I worry about the traffic and industrial noise, the light all night, the heat, hum and the EM radiation from the 3 lights that surround the nest.

On the positive side, there are a whole lot of frost protection ponds, the river and Lake Mendocino in the area.

Jim Armstrong

Potter Valley

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