USTP- Willet, Eared Grebe

Matt Brady <zerogambit@...>

My Aunt and Uncle and I birded the Ukiah Sewage Treatment Plant early this afternoon. We observed a few interesting birds, including a WILLET, an EARED GREBE still mostly in alternate plumage, and two LESSER SCAUP, which were in need of a good molt. The Grebe and Scaup were in the duck Pond, while the Willet flew between the Duck pond and the Central pond. Also around were two GREATER YELLOWLEGS, a LESSER YELLOWLEGS, a SEMIPALMATED PLOVER, two DOUBLE-CRESTED CORMORANTS, a half dozen CINNAMON TEAL, the previously reported Juvenile CALIFORNIA GULL, 8 or so LONG-BILLED DOWITCHERS, at least 4 GREEN HERONS and scads of Least and Western Sandpipers. Most of the Shorebirds were in the far eastern end of the Central pond, with the Blackbirds and Swallows, though 6 of the Dowitchers and the Willet were at the western end of the Central pond. There was only one Western and one Least Sandpiper in the Northern pond, where most of the shorebird activity had been previously. Good birding,

Matt Brady
Ukiah, CA
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