PG&E "Bird Guards"



PG&E replaced a transformer near me on Burris Lane in Potter Valley today,

Part of the job included putting U shaped plastic channels on top of the three high tension wires by the crossbars.

One of the workers told me they were "bird guards" and were made necessary by complaints from the Sierra Club and the Audubon Society.  He seemed to indicate that only certain (complaining?) neighborhoods get them.

These were the first I've seen (I'll be looking now) and seem that they might protect birds with large wingspans from shorting out those wires.

I don't know if we have been complaining along our road, but several months ago a Scrub Jay managed to get between two of the leads on that transformer, BBQ himself and blow two very loud fuses.

Does anyone know if national or local Audubon chapters have been advocating these devices?  Are they being installed other places?

Jim Armstrong

Potter Valley

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