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13 Jan 2013 - Now that we have all made our 2014 New year's Resolutions ... you know ... like better diets, get in shape, be tidier, etc , which are all those things we will fail at in a month's time .... Let me propose to you one that you can keep. For 2014 I ask you to please begin each Mendobirds post with a date, then described the bird, and then sign off with a REAL complete name and maybe contact info. Each seasonal period I sort through all of the bird observations to compile a summary report ...which then ends up as the basis for the Mendocino County Bird Observation Report that goes to the sub-regional editors for North American Birds.

I know that these simple instructions may be meaningless to some of you ... but it makes my life a whole lot easier every 3 to 4 months.

Thanks ..and good birding. Bob Keiffer<>

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