Mendocino Coast Audubon Program

Charlene McAllister

Monday, January 20 7PM at Caspar Community Center

Doug Forsell

History and Wildlife

Of Our Three Most Remote

National Wildlife Refuges

Doug Forsell was manager of the National Wildlife Refuges at How-land, Baker
and Jarvis Islands for four years in the 1980s. These tiny Central Pacific
Ocean islands are United States territories and visited only by the
educators and scientists who manage the Pacific Remote Is-lands Marine
National Monument. Mr. Forsell's studies at Humboldt State University
launched a 36-year career at USFWS. He is a nationally-recognized authority
on seabirds that nest on the island refuges-a population of more than a
million seabirds that have survived the Pacific guano wars of the 1800s,
World War II military activities, and biological and chemical warfare
testing in the 1960s.

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