Corrected May 4th Pelagic Trip List

Charlene McAllister

Seems when I copied the species list, I may have left out a couple so
here's the correct total list of species seen on the May 4th Audubon
Pelagic Trip out of Fort Bragg

Pacific Loons-100's
Red-throated Loon-10
Common Loon -5
Western Grebe-25
Laysan Albatross- 2
Black-footed Albatross -750
Northern Fulmar-50
Pink-footed Shearwater- 250
Sooty Shearwater-2000
Brandt's Cormorant -5
Pelagic Cormorant-5
Double-crested Cormorant-2
Black Brant -40
Red-necked Phalarope -250
Red Phalarope-1000
Pomarine Jaeger-25
Bonaparte's Gull-5
California Gull-100
Western Gull-1000
Glaucous-winged Gull-5
Sabine's Gull-50
Laughing Gull-1
Arctic Tern -2
Common Murre -250
Pigeon Guillemot-2
Cassin's Auklet 10
Rhinoceros Auklet-15
Long-billed Curlew -2

Other species
Northern Fur Seal -1
Northern Right-whale Dolphin-50+
Pacific White-sided Dolphin -300+
California Sea Lion-15
Ocean Sunfish -1
Blue Shark -3

By-the-wind-sailor (Velella velella)- millions!

Charlene McAllister, MCAS Program Chair
P.O. Box 332
Little River, CA 95456

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